Walk into Harlem’s Rucker Park, located on 155th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in New York City—right across the street from where the Polo Grounds used to stand—on an ordinary afternoon, and you might not understand.

Not right away at least. Sure, there are bleachers, both metal and concrete, surrounding the single court, and there’s a scoreboard above the seats by midcourt. Other than that though, it’s just one more blacktop in a city that has thousands of them. Right?

Who will become the next Rucker Park Streetball Legend? The sport known for it's ankle-breaking crossovers, flashy passes, and breathtaking high-flying dunks is back!

This summer...some of the very best streetballers in the country will go toe to toe for bragging rights, street cred, over $40,000 in cash prizes; and a chance to earn a NAME at the Legendary Rucker Park in Harlem, USA.

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